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  • Due to covid-19, Organizations are considering Remote Access Management solutions like Splashtop where they can connect their office pc's remotely at home.
  • VC solutions like Cisco WebEx, Zoom meetings, MS Teams etc. are gaining traction because of employees partially working from home.
  • Most enterprises are considering these smart collaborations solutions for their employees to connect with remote workers, customers & employees.

Prepare Your Organization with Remote Access for Working from Home using SPLASHTOP

Set Up and Configure Remote Computer Access Now. Be Ready to Roll it Out Quickly if You Need It

As the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak continues to expand, organizations should consider how to prepare in the event that their employees are unable to travel to work. With Splashtop, people can work remotely from home and access their office computer from another computer, tablet or mobile device via a secure streaming connection.

Splashtop Business Access is the best remote access software for working from home. 20 million people around the world already use Splashtop to experience a variety of benefits including:

  • Secure anytime remote access to your work computers, even after normal work hours.
  • Access to Windows, Mac, and Linux computers from any other Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Chromebook device.
  • Productivity enhancing tools that allow you to transfer files between computers, remote print documents, share your screen, and more.
  • Work productively from home as if you were in the office using your computer in person.
  • Manage multiple users and computers under your Splashtop account.

Remote Access with Splashtop

Video Conferencing Solutions for Remote Working by KDDI India

The global video conferencing industry is gaining traction. As the enterprises and government organizations are considering video conferencing as an ultimate solution to connect with remote workers, customers, and employees; and, at the same time, it prevents direct contact with the people.

The global video conferencing market size stood at USD 3.02 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 6.37 billion by 2026.

Uses of web conferencing software includes:

Stay connected with coworkers, friends and family with some of the best video conferencing software on the market. Some of the best video conferencing software offered by KDDI India:

Example of Cisco Webex

If having an internet environment, Anytime, anywhere, with anyone, you can connect easily with multiple devices.
Cloud-based Collaboration with secure infrastructure service, quick information sharing and decision-making supports your business growth.

One of the important tool which you cannot work without at home is Laptop and the right model will help you in doing your best at the right time

KDDI India is offering some of the best brands and models to suit your requirement

  • HP
  • Dell
  • Lenovo
  • Sharp Dynabook
  • Panasonic Toughbook

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