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Covid-19 is changing the future
of Office Interior requirements and design

The only thing that has changed about our work is the way we do it. Build flexible, end-to-end solutions into your organization today, so your employees can seamlessly adapt to a world that's constantly redefining.

Before Covid: Work style

Before Covid: Work style

  • Employees usually comes to office and work at their own desks.
  • Well-ordered linear desks.
  • Face to face collaboration & meetings
  • Very less use of video conferencing solutions

After Covid: Work style

After Covid: Work style

  • Employees working from both office and home.
  • Increased in employees working from home due to covid.
  • Usage of video conferencing solutions &smp; downloads of apps have been heavily increased
  • Enterprises considering VC solutions as cost effective solution

What is Smart Office
and How it adds value to Office Interior?

  • Smart Office capabilities enables users to enjoy the benefits that IOT architecture offers, through seamlessly and remotely managing their connected devices from anywhere, at anytime, on any screen in real time.
  • An office equipped with lighting, heating and electronic devices that can be controlled remotely by smart phone or computer.

What is Smart Office and How it adds value to Office Interior?

We have listed down some of the benefits of Smart Office below.

Energy Cost Reduction
& efficiency

  • Wireless Sensors for all Lighting and Fans switch on/off.
  • Wireless AC and blind adjust the air condition according to the room temperature.


  • Smart motion sensors can help and detect occupancy of human interference in the company.
  • Occupancy monitoring makes it easier to find and book meeting rooms/spaces.
  • According to a research, 39% of office workers spend as much as 60 minutes every week and almost 30 percent of booked meeting rooms end up ‘no-shows’.

Employees comfortability
& workplace safety

  • Air quality monitor detects and adjust the presence of air condition such as pollution and CO2 level.
  • Sensors for Safety include, Smoke, Gas leak, Panic buttons, Seismic, Temperature, Humidity and Motion. Sensors for Security include Motion, Door Intrusion and Glass break.

Smart VC

  • Due to covid-19, VC solutions like Cisco Webex, Zoom meetings, MS Teams etc are gaining traction because of employees partially working from home.
  • Most enterprises are considering these smart collaborations solutions for their employees to connect with remote workers, customers & employees.

Improves Accessibility
& Control

  • Connected through the internet and controlled through an app
  • Gathers data and provide insightful analytics
  • Fault management with real time alerts

Smart Business

  • IOT office devices can save a lot of time with its automated features, which is cost effective for business operations.
  • Touchless access control and temperature monitoring solutions & mask detection

KDDI India's Services

Designing and Building

We are the team of professionals to undertake projects from conceptualisation to handover. We understand our client’s requirement for design & plan the interior scopes accordingly

with the Customer

  • Sharing Ideas
  • Gathering requirements
  • Scope of Work

Planning & Designing
of the proposal

  • 2D & 3D visualization
  • Design presentation
  • Feedback & Revisions

Contract & Payment

  • Freezing T&C
  • Contract & Agreement
  • Payment


  • Site mobilization
  • Final project handover
  • Scope of Work

Project Management

We have self-motivated adequate resources who can effectively handle communication, negotiation, knows technical aspects and have project management skills to meet the deadlines and complete the projects in a timely manner.

Why KDDI India

One Stop Solution for all IT Infrastructure, Interior Work, Network Lines, Security and other requirements

Japanese Quality Assurance and Project Delivery commitments

Diversified Industry Experience

High quality documentation and project management

Global customer engagement

In-house trained engineers

To work in accordance with the client requirement and exceed their expectation in terms of quality, cost and time management.

To become the client’s first choice always by using the quality material and workmanship

To work our fullest to satisfy the requirements of the client and provide them with world class services.

Our Customer Profiles

We are having customers from different industry verticals as per below:

  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Auto Parts & Industrial product manufacturers
  • Manufacturing
  • Tyre manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Trading

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