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Business Support Tool Google Workspace - Feature List

Google Workspace is Google's productivity-increasing cloud office suite that integrates large-capacity Gmail and storage as well as tools necessary for video meetings, document creation, and spreadsheets in a single package.

Gmail (TM)

Gmail for business usable with your original domain

A browser-based email service you can use securely from outside the office.

Large-capacity mailbox
You no longer need to worry about the mailbox capacity limit.

High-speed search by Google Engine
Find the desired email quickly from among a large number of emails.

Robust spam email filter with 99% detection accuracy
The latest spam email filter that employs AI technology is included as standard.
Block unwanted emails, thus reducing the risk that users are exposed to threats.

*Mailbox capacity is shared with that of Google Drive. 

Google Calendar

Integrated online calendar designed for team business

Google Calendar reduces time and effort when scheduling, including checking participants' schedules and reserving meeting rooms.

Reservation management of meeting rooms and equipment
Perform reservation management of facilities, such as meeting rooms and projectors.

Superimpose multiple calendars
You can superimpose and display participants' or meeting room's calendars for easy schedule adjustment.

Seamless linkage with other Google services
As soon as you register a schedule, it is sent to participants' Gmail accounts. It is also possible to reserve Google Video Hangouts in advance. Registering a location enables participants to check it on Google Maps (TM) and search for a route to the place.

Smart scheduling feature using AI technology
The mobile app's "look for a time" feature uses machine learning to facilitate smooth reservation of meeting rooms.

Google Drive

Large-capacity online storage for saving all types of files

Share internal information assets easily.
You no longer need to attach files to emails.

Google Documents/Google Spreadsheets/Google Slides/Google Forms

Large-capacity office suite for creating documents in the browser

You can edit a file simultaneously with multiple users in real time, allowing you to speed up project execution.
Prepare documents, spreadsheets, slides (presentations), and simple questionnaire forms with no limits.

Possible to edit files in real time with multiple people
Because you can edit files with multiple members simultaneously, you no longer need to merge multiple files into one.

Automatic saving and unlimited change history
Because the change history is saved automatically, you can check the changed content or restore previous content at any time.

Easy aggregation with the form feature
The form feature helps you to stylize input tasks for results and questionnaires.
Data input from the web form are automatically reflected to the spreadsheet.

Google Meet

Video conferences that anyone can join casually

Video conferences for up to 250 people
No matter where participants are, they can enjoy face-to-face communication as usual, allowing you to cut costs of the meeting itself as well as commuting to the meeting.

Sharing PC screens and documents in video conferences
Share PC screens and documents with other members in real time. You can even have discussions while editing documents with multiple members.

Reserving video conferences using the calendar feature
You can also reserve video conferences in advance using the calendar. Join a video conference through the notification email or the schedule on the calendar.

Google Sites

No expert knowledge required! Easy website creation

Google Sites helps you to bring together shared company information and speed up information sharing.

Easy preparation of internal information sharing sites
You can create an internal portal site easily without any knowledge of HTML. Through the portal site you have prepared, you can transmit the latest information and shared information to all members of the company.

Creation of Wiki sites that any user can edit
It is also possible to accumulate internal information assets using a Wiki site, which can be edited by users in the company. Of course, you can also search for and find desired information immediately.

Google Groups for Business

Easy preparation of mailing lists

Use of group addresses facilitates communication and sharing of Google Workspace content!

Accelerated information sharing through the use of group addresses
Preparing a mailing list of team members using Google Groups enables you to email progress reports, requests to attend meetings, and information on sharing documents to all members at once.

Accumulation of information assets on a project basis using the web forum feature
Use your group's web interface as a Q&A forum and shared tray.
View and search for data and attachments exchanged in the past.

Google Keep (TM)

Quickly record ideas

A useful tool that helps you to quickly write down anything you think up!

Updating memos anytime, anywhere
Using your PC, smartphone, or tablet, you can record any ideas that have come to mind during work and check your to-do list quickly. Memos can also be shared with other members and managed by configuring a reminder setting.

Viewing memos and ideas recorded in a document
You can view all memos simply by accessing the Google Keep notepad from a document.

Management Console (including Device Management)

Efficient unified management with Google Workspace

Introducing Google Workspace reduces administrators' operational workload and ensures employees will always be provided with the latest features.

Security and management
Add and delete employee accounts, prepare mailing lists, and apply and manage Google Workspace services with policies specific to each organization.
You can also configure security settings, such as a two-factor authentication flow and a single sign-on flow.

Management of mobile devices
Ensure security of data stored on your employees' iOS and Android (TM) devices.
By using the mobile management feature, you can check the usage status and delete accounts locally or remotely.

Google Vault

Archiving, electronic information disclosure, and information governance features

Archive and eDiscovery features in anticipation of lawsuits and compliance requirements

Archiving of emails, non-off-the-record chats, Google Groups, and Google Drive
Emails, chats, messages in Google Groups, and files in Google Drive are archived and backed up according to the organization's policies.
Google Vault provides an electronic information disclosure feature required to prevent unintentional data deletion, potential lawsuits, and compliance audits.

Searching and exporting data
Narrow down searches with search features.
You can also export and use data as needed.

Cloud Search

Quick searching of information across Google Workspace

You can obtain the desired information in Google Workspace when you need it.

Google search service for Google Workspace
Google Cloud Search enables you to perform a generic search on data included in Google solutions such as Gmail, Drive, Documents, Spreadsheets, Slides, and Calendar.

Using AI technology to present necessary information in advance
The assistant feature displays information according to the situation on the assist card at the proper timing. By referencing the assist card, you can efficiently proceed with your business operations for the day.

Google Currents

Internal social network

Within a company community, you can share the company's latest information and conversations that include photos and videos, allowing you to deepen exchanges among team members.

Using photos and videos to spark conversations among members
If you use Google Currents on your team, you can share knowledge about common interests, the latest information, and new ideas among all members using links, videos, and images. For example, you can share photos and videos of a business trip or seminar, and casually exchange feedback with all members using the commenting feature.

Setting the scope of communities per organization
The administrator can enable Google Currents in stages within each organization.

Drive File Stream

Google Drive synchronization tool for Google Workspace

You can access a file on Google Drive anytime regardless of your PC's storage capacity.(Note 1) (Note 2)

Viewing/managing files on the cloud from Explorer
Using the same operations as when handling local folders and files on your PC, you can quickly access files in My Folder and Team Folder.

Greatly reducing the required hard disk capacity and shortening synchronization times
Because only necessary files are streamed on demand, there is no need to save files locally; therefore, you can drastically reduce the required hard disk capacity.
At the same time, the time required for synchronization is also shortened.

Note 1) To use this feature, the administrator must permit the use of Drive Management Stream.
Note 2)About using files in document file formats other than Google documents
You can edit and save files in Microsoft Office formats but cannot perform synchronization editing on Microsoft Office files.
(As of October 30, 2017)
It is required to use the latest system for Drive File Stream; refer to the following pages for restrictions.

Google Chat

You can join Google Chat from anywhere
So long as you have a web browser, you can join Google Chat using either a PC or smartphone. On smartphones, you can alternately use the app to participate. Use of Google Chat enables you to contact your co-workers from anywhere even when you are working from home or on a business trip.

Seamless linkage with Gmail
You can use Google Chat as a standalone app or within Gmail.


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