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IoT Cariot with KDDI

Just plug, and drive. Simple installation. Real-time vehicle management.

Unify your vehicle management and get a better view of your business's activities and results!
With Cariot, previously invisible information on your business's vehicles will be yours to see.
Use this data to improve your business's efficiency or regulatory compliance.


Just attach a measuring device to a vehicle, and gain access to previously unnoticed information about it.
This data visualization will change the way your business manages its vehicles.

By combining different attachment devices, traceability is also possible for assets other than vehicles.
With Cariot, tracing and managing your vehicles or devices becomes a reality.

What Cariot can help with

Managing your sales vehicles

Automatic creation of vehicle usage reports

  • Cariot will automatically record your vehicles' drive information.
  • No longer will you need to create handwritten reports.
  • Usage status and statistics can be checked online, or output to Excel format.

Find idle vehicles

  • See which vehicle was in motion when, at a glance.
  • Move idle vehicles for use by your busier offices.
  • Achieve more efficient distribution of your vehicular assets.

Prevent accidents

  • Cariot can detect dangerous driving such as sudden acceleration or braking.
  • By providing guidance to drivers with many dangerous movements detected, you can prevent accidents before they happen.

Smoothly take and cancel reservations

  • Cariot also supports management of reservations.
  • Just like with meeting rooms, use reservations for your company vehicles.
  • Also receive notifications when a reserved vehicle isn't actually being used.

Benefits for delivery and construction management

Instantly see delivery status

  • With Cariot, you can immediately see where all your managed vehicles are.
  • For customers asking for time of arrival, you can give them the expected time of arrival displayed in Cariot.
  • Not needing to phone the driver to ask means they don't have to stop driving, and delivery efficiency increases.

Smoother loading and unloading of cargo

  • Destinations and midway points can be set on the map within Cariot.
  • Receive email notifications when your vehicles enter or leave these points.
  • Send notifications to the destination when a vehicle is soon to arrive or has arrived for smoother loading and unloading of cargo.

Better position traffic guides on delivery routes

  • With Cariot, you can find where your vehicles spend time stationary on their delivery routes.
  • Improve delivery efficiency by changing the routes or posting traffic guides.

Detailed driving records are kept

  • With Cariot, detailed records are kept on which vehicle was driven when, and in what manner.
  • At any time, you can check back on whether a vehicle was driven according to plan.

Manage even specialized vehicles

Cariot supports a wide variety of vehicles, including trucks, motorbikes, construction equipment and more.

Usable globally

Your company can subscribe from its international branches.

  • KDDI's local overseas branches will provide setup support.
  • Subscriptions can be made outside of Japan.

Use with vehicles that travel across international borders

  • Cariot uses the Soracom System, allowing it to flexibly handle usage that spans multiple countries.

Manage assets other than vehicles as well

  • Non-vehicle assets manageable as well by changing the attachment devices

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